School Times

Morning Session   8.45 to 12.00/12.15
Afternoon Session   1.00 to 3.00
Morning Break   10.35 to 10.50

clock-20013_640This allows us 22.5 hours (23.75 in Key Stage 2) spent on teaching during a normal school week. This excludes the daily act of collective worship (15 minutes daily), registration (15 minutes daily) and break time (15 minutes daily).

Please do not allow your children to arrive before 8.30am as important preparations are being made for the day. Following 8.30am, as they arrive children come straight into school when the teachers will then be ready for them. From 9.00am each morning the only access to the school is via the main school entrance which is controlled. All other doors will only allow exit. This is all part of our school safety policy.

At the end of the day parents or other responsible adults are asked to collect their children from the classrooms. Please inform us if you arrange for someone different to collect your child.