KS1 Home Learning 2021

Week 1

Maple and Beech 1 Where are the Polar Regions Learning Project 11th january

Week 2

KS1 Antarctica Learning Project

Easier Emperor Penguin reading comprehension Maple and Beech

Harder Emperor Penguin Reading Comprehension Maple and Beech

Week 3

Arctic Learning Project KS1 Week 3

T-L-5573-u-Phoneme-Spotter-Story KS1 Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Climate Change Learning Project KS1

Being a good friend – Activity sheet KS1

Copy of WWF_KS2_Lesson1_Presentation

Friendship song from Harold to list qualities from. (1) KS1

KS1 Science

t-sc-2549719-melt-the-ice-science-experiment-activity_ver_6 KS1

The Island KS1

Thursday – The Magic Plant. KS1

Tuesday Lots of Biscuits KS1

What is Climate Change Powerpoint KS1

Year 1 Tuesday Problem Lots of Biscuits

Year One Wednesday Birthday Sharing