Jamie Cullum’s Piano

Here is our entry to win Jamie Cullum’s Yamaha Piano!

Jamie has teamed up with Yamaha Pianos to find a new home for his beloved grand piano. Jamie will be donating his personal piano to one deserving school/charity/youth organisation/community centre/choir some-where in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

Jamie and his C7(one of Yamaha’s most popular pianos, often found in re-cording studios and music venues across the world) have been through a lot together. Jamie has recorded albums and toured with it, climbed on it, crawled underneath it and jumped from it.

The singer-songwriter and celebrated musician said, “This piano has ac-companied me through some of the most important parts of my life in the last 10 years. I have written songs on it, I have recorded albums with it, I have toured the world with it. It may have fallen in the mud at Glastonbury festival, it may have been used as a drinks table on numerous occasions but it has also been on stage at the Royal Albert Hall and was the piano I wrote Gran Torino on. I am thrilled to be able to give it to a worthy home. This grand piano is a mighty beast of an instrument stuffed full of memories that will hopefully inspire someone else to play and create.”