Summer term 1

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Week six                                22nd May - 26th May
The children have been brilliant this week whilst Mrs Joslin and Mrs Harrison were both off poorly. They had lots of fun with Mrs Middleton and came up with some lovely ideas of who might be living behind the fairy door. She also did some collage work using natural materials which they loved.
Mr Homer introduced them to the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He then took them outside where they had a go at creating their own Andy Goldsworthy works of art using outdoor materials.
When Mrs Joslin returned on Thursday we had fun learning to bounce a ball at a target and catching it, which was then a great excuse to try out the basketball hoops!
For RE, we finished our unit on Judaism and held our very own Shabbat. We enjoyed eating bread, drinking grape juice and just spending time chatting and telling really bad jokes!
On Friday we finally finished our Acrostic poems based on the book The Lost Words and they look fantastic!
Have a great half term everyone! 
Plant update - I think we can safely say we have learnt a valuable lesson in what plants need to make them grow. One of them being water and whilst Mrs Joslin was away - no one watered the plants. Therefore, none of them have flourished and none of them have grown. The majority haven't made it. Some have just about and went home to be looked after properly. We look forward to seeing how they get on!
Week five                              15th May - 19th May
Another busy week in school! We continued our work on The Lost words and this week we learnt about prepositions ready to use in our poems. For maths we have been having fun measuring liquid and learning all about volume and capacity. In geography we were introduced to the idea of human and physical features and spent some time talking about the difference between the two. Homework this week is to go for a walk and identify physical and human features. Have a lovely weekend hunting!
Plant update -  Sam's sunflower now how has a little shoot and Logan's sunflower has overtaken Dylan's sunflower! All team's plants are starting to shoot with the exception of Mrs Harrison's table who's not very happy! Plants to go home next week!
Week four                               8th May - 12th May 2023
It was a struggle to get back into work mode this week after yet another bank holiday, not to mention various events to celebrate the King's coronation, but the children did a great job and wrote some fantastic diaries!
We have begun a poetry unit in Literacy this week based around the book The Lost Words, which has some beautiful illustrations in it. We spent time looking at the Acrostic poem The Bluebell.
From there we then went on a nature hunt around the school grounds and found all sorts of wonderful things from singing birds to beautiful bluebells. The children have chosen one of their finds and will be using this to write their own acrostic poem over the next couple of weeks.
In maths we have finished measuring mass and will move on to Capacity next week. For Geography we learnt the names of the four countries made up of the United Kingdom, their capital cities and the surrounding seas. 
In Art we did an artist study of those who specialise in flora and fauna. We stuck pictures we liked into our sketchbooks and had a go at drawing them ourselves. 
Plant update - Dylan's sunflower is currently in the lead! Pip's sunflower suffered a mishap and Sam's sunflower is sadly a non starter!
Week Three                            1st May  - 5th May 2023
Its been a Coronation-tastic week and Beech class have had lots of royal fun!  In English we enjoyed reading a very funny book called The King's pants. We thought of questions to ask the King and then wrote letters to the King asking our questions. We then had fun designing our own pants for the King on an imaginary visit to our school. The pants were to represent our school values and the children came up with some very jazzy designs!
In maths we have been weighing mass which came in useful for Friday when we made biscuits for our special Coronation party. Thank you to all those who attended. The children had a wonderful time!
In art we looked at Royal  portraits in the past and noted how their clothes were made up of fancy collars and cuffs, along with elaborate material, and all heavily laden with jewels. We had fun making our own royal portraits and the best bit was adding all the bling! I think you would agree they look pretty fantastic! 
Have another lovely Bank Holiday! Enjoy the Coronation and see you all back in school on Tuesday!
Plant update - Team Basil is now shooting up as is Team Parsley. The Rocket is way ahead! Dylan could possibly be overtaking Lucinda in the sunflower competition. We will have to measure them on Tuesday to find out!

Week two                        24th April – 28th April 2023

 What a super second week back! The children are really focussed and have produced some fantastic work in all subject areas.

In English we have begun our focus text ‘Billy and the Minpins’ by Roald Dahl. We ventured into Forest School (The Forest of Sin) to see if we could find our own eye-popping, hair-sucking, foot-squashing Pinchsquiddler. We then had fun creating our own monsters and designing Danger posters to alert others of what might be living within the Forest of Sin! We will take a break from monsters next week and throw ourselves into coronation activities ready for the King’s coronation on Saturday. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Plant update – the Rockets are really taking off and there are a few shoots popping out from Team Basil. Lucinda is currently in the lead with the tallest sunflower!

Week one                         17th April - 21st April 2023
We've had a super first week back. For our science topic 'Ready Steady grow' we had fun planting lots of herbs which we are busy growing in school. For maths we have been learning how to measure objects using non standard units. In geography we used globes and atlases (as well as our favourite song!) to revisit the 7 continents and learn the names of our 5 oceans.  In Art we read the story of Camille and the Sunflowers which is about the artist Van Gogh. We then attempted our own sunflowers using pastels, which was a bit messy but completely worth it as they look amazing! In English we have been revisiting Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs. We used the story Plants can't sit still to talk about verbs and the various actions plants make. We had fun acting them out and making up lots of silly sentences. 
Wishing all our poorly children lots of get well hugs. Chicken pox is doing the rounds and so it is a bit quiet in Beech class but we are looking forward to seeing you back in school very soon! 
On this page is a link to homework just incase they are feeling a little better!