Welcome to the St Mary's family!

Summer Term 1

 Monday 15th to Friday 19th May
This week in our collective worship on Tuesday Rev Leila led us in a rogation tide service where we blessed our school and school community. As the whole school visited different parts of our school grounds we said a blessing and members of the Eco Team scattered wild flower seeds.
All the Y3s were able to enjoy our second Hindu dance session with Mrs Lyn Paine on Thursday morning and also an extra PE session with Mr Watts after lunch.
We have finished presenting our poems and made good progress with our pastel lemur art work.
 Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th May 2023.
This week we all smiled our cheesy grins for our class photo. 
As magpies, we used the good ideas of others to help us draft and redraft our ROBIN acrostic poems. The photos show us sharing them aloud so we can see if they sound right and to see if we could help each other with any improvements. We tried to include kennings, powerful verbs, adverbs and conjunctions to link ideas within the lines of our poems. Some of us were even able to use rhyming or alliteration.
Lyn Paine came in to lead our first session of Hindu dance where we thought about the god Bahman. We learnt that in Hindu dance the use of the hands is very important and that your eyes should follow your hands. We look forward to our second session next Thursday.
 Tuesday 1st to Friday 5th May 2023
The busiest week yet. We enjoyed the second part of the story of Joseph from the Open the Book team in collective worship. In music we continued our learning using pentatonic scales and in history we organised a time line of our new King Charles III.
Plus lots of preparations for our coronation celebration on Friday afternoon. We baked scones and added cream and jam. We enjoyed sharing these with our parents. We also made bunting to decorate the playground. In art we made collages in the outline of King Charles's head filled with lots of different images of typically British things such as a red bus and Big Ben.
 A few pics from our coronation celebration.
 Summer term 1 Week 2. 24th - 28th April 2023
What a busy week that was!
Linden class came back again ready for action. 
  • learning new songs for the coronation,
  • learning about pentatonic scales in music,
  • As our collective worship theme is friendship we all learnt how to make a friendship bracelet on a circular loom,
  • we also hung up our friendship flowers,
  • in French we sorted ordered the days of the week,
  • in PE we learnt more dance moves,
  • we thought about YES NO questions and sorting in computer science,
  • Ava and Jude were our cracking caterpillars,
  • and finally it was funky hair Friday!
Mrs Kirby and I have enjoyed a great week in Linden class. The children have all worked so hard and are making good progress. Thank you for continuing to support your children with healthy fruit/veg snacks each day. (see photo) The children enjoyed a session of cricket skills and a session of dance for their PE lessons this week. As it is getting warmer and hopefully sunnier, please put sun protection on your child every morning before school from now on. It is also time to dig out your school sun hats too.
We have started learning about Madagascar and have been doing some mindful colouring chameleons in the early morning slot. (see photo) We are still checking the children have read each night - please also see the latest newsletter in regard to this. Some children read with you for a few minutes each day and those that do make markedly better progress than those who don't. Try to support your child with daily reading please - just five minutes can most days be managed.
In maths we are doing a measurement unit on mass, capacity and volume. There are some home learning options to give your child to reinforce this learning in a practical way at home.
We have launched our new collective worship theme which is friendship - again there is a lovely home learning option for your child to write to a friend who lives further away. We would love to hear if you get responses. Mr Homer helped the children to think about the recipe for fa friendship cake in collective worship this week.
Two more children earned their next Lexia certificate this week. I expect there will be many more completed over the next week or so. Remember we aim for a minimum of three over the year.
Have a great weekend, see you Monday.