summer 1

Week 2. 24-28th April
Well, we can't believe it is nearly May already. The children were very excited to see how the tadpoles had developed over the weekend. We continued our work about 'The Sleepy Bumblebee' and and a go at changing the story to 'The Sleepy Caterpillar' when the children had great fun thinking about the different places a caterpillar might sleep and really used their imaginations.
In maths we have been learning all about teen numbers and how they work. 
We have enjoyed reading non-fiction books about minibeasts and are gaining quite a knowledge about all things that wriggle and crawl. The children enjoyed putting layers of mud and soil into the wormery for the worms they found when digging in the outdoor area. There was even a surprise pupa hiding in the soil which we are looking forward seeing hatch so we can find out exactly what creature is inside.  There is a surprise delivery coming on Tuesday to add to the Willow class minibeast menagerie so watch this space!
Week 1.   17th-21st April.
Well done to all the children in Willow class for making such a great return to school. They have remembered all their morning routines and have been keen to get on with their learning. We kicked off our topic of Wriggle and Crawl with a minibeast hunt in the school grounds. The children were very enthusiastic and found lots of amazing creatures using some fabulous teamwork and observational skills. We recorded our findings on a sheet to talk about in the classroom later.
We have enjoyed the story of the 'Sleepy bumblebee' and the children demonstrated their acting skills throughout the story, the grumpy faces were the most effective!  We will be continuing with this story next week and trying to write our own version with different creatures. 
In maths we have been finding out about different ways to make ten using a variety of mathematical equipment and some songs to help us remember number pairings for ten. The children are beginning to record these addition number sentences both with their 'ninja' maths and on whiteboards.
There was great excitement when we went to visit the pond in search of tadpoles and there were plenty! Each child had a go at fishing a few out so we can watch them closely in the aquarium in the classroom. The children were very good at making sure the tadpoles will be happy in their new home and knew they needed food (pond weed) and pond water, not tap water.  Watch this space for tadpole updates.