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Spring Term 2

 Happy Easter. See you Monday 17th April. have a great break.
 Week 13th to 17th March 2023
We have been doing some science learning as it was British Science Week.  We explored some physics and took part in a live online lesson about forces. We learnt about pushes and pulls and the effects of gravity. We joined astronauts on the international space station too. We found out about a famous scientist, Isaac Newton, who asked a lot of questions and is famous for observing an apple drop and asking why it did that.
We worked out that you would need a parachute to slow down the space capsule when it returns to Earth. See our video when we carried out an experiment to test two pieces of paper the same size. We were learning about gravity and air resistance. One was flat and one scrunched into a ball. Could you try an experiment see how different sized parachutes will slow a toy dropping. How will you make your experiment a fair test?
We used prisms and torches to explore how you can split light into the colours of the rainbow.
We also enjoyed some biology science and enjoyed an online seabed safari in British waters and looked at how different animals are adapted to where they live. Perhaps you could visit the coast and look at what sea life you can find in a rock pool.
 Week 6th to 10th March
Another amazingly busy week. Linden class did us proud with they way they presented their class assembly. Thank you to all the families who were able to come and support their children.
Well done to the whole class for the RE day feedback on Thursday too.
A busy week for teachers - it was great to see all your parents at the four parents evenings. 
Remember it is Comic Relief on Friday the 17th. Pupils can dress as they please for a donation.
Next Week.....
Look out for these groups in our class assembly!
 Week ending 3rd March 23
A really busy week. We have been rehearsing, celebrating heroes on RE day, visiting St Mary's Church to experience a coronation with Rev Leila, trying to play different patterns and conduct each other in music, dressing up as words on World Book Day plus we all had to look our best and smile for our photos this morning Fri 3rd. Phew!!
 Mon 20th to Fri 24rd Feb 2023
Another busy school week. Linden class are now enjoying PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are learning team games and putting our understanding of the core PE values into action, there are five values can you remember them all? We have started to prepare for our class assembly and everyone has been learning their lines well. Lots of great expression and good clear voices and loud volume. We look forward to showing our parents on Monday 6th of March.
Next week we have PE on Monday, which is our new usual day. Monday is also RE day and we will be looking at heroes who tell us the truth. We are off down to St Mary's Church on Tuesday morning for one of our regular visits - please dress well for the weather! Thursday is world book day and everyone is welcome to dress as a word - this could be a colour, feeling, action, pattern, place, animal etc etc. We will harvest the words on the day.
A reminder that next Friday 1st March the photographer will be in to take individual photos and photos of sibling groups.  Remember to sign up for a mid year catch up at the parents evenings from the 6th to 9th March when the sign up sheets are shared with you this week.