Welcome to the St Mary's family!

Spring term 2

W/C- 13/3

This week Oak class carried on their learning of the story ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’ and learnt parts of the text whilst having a go at retelling the story. We were amazed at the brilliant writing from everyone and how hard the class worked to get their writing right! Well done everyone, you are making great progress. 

We spent Friday afternoon thinking about next week's Easter service, learning parts of a story we would like to tell and thinking about some artwork we could do next week. Oak class gave us some great ideas for art so we will do our best to put their amazing ideas into practice. 

On Wednesday we took a walk around the village, down to the crossroads and had a go at making a basic map. Over the next few weeks we are going to try and add more detail to our map so we can use it to give people directions. Well done Oak for another week of hard work, learning and fun! 


W/C- 6/3

Another busy week in Oak class! We have been focussing our learning this week around our topic of Wild Weather and especially thinking about hot and cold countries. We used a globe and Google Earth to locate Africa and then we also found Kenya, where our story for this week originates. We learnt the story “Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain” where a character named Ki Pat changes the weather. The children really enjoyed reading, listening and acting out this story and this led to some fantastic writing! We look forward to carrying this on into next week. 

Mrs Joy heard about our new story and in true Mrs Joy style found a traditional Kenyan song for the children to engage with. Mrs Joy got the children to add some of their own moves to the song which helped them remember the pattern, lyrics and beat. 

On Thursday we stood up in assembly and showed off our hard work from RE Day, where we learnt the story of Abraham and Sarah. Well done to those who stood up and represented the class with their hard work. 

On a phonics note, the children are doing really well and making great progress with their guided reading books. With that in mind, and the books getting longer, we will be sending them home on a Monday after the children have completed their guided reading session. This will give you more time to go through the book with them at home. The books will then need to be returned on Friday. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


W/C- 27/2

This week Oak class themselves have picked what to talk about in the blog and we have written the blog as a class! The whole class have worked so hard in their learning this week and we are very proud of the progress they have all made. 

We have got stuck into our new topic- Wild Weather. We have been learning about dangerous weather and how to keep ourselves safe when the weather turns dangerous. We drew fantastic advertising campaigns to help keep our classmates safe, especially against floods after we watched the video of Boscastle flooding. 

We learned about the water cycle, including a very catchy and only slightly repetitive song. We acted out the stages of the water cycle before sounding out brilliant sentences to describe the process! 

Thursday was World Book Day and we all looked amazing in our costumes. We took part in activities such as a character hunt around the school, and making a collection of amazing words to go on a school board! Well done Oak. 


W/C- 20/2

Welcome back to a new half term in Oak class. The children told us all about their half term break and what they have been up to. The class are always so keen to share when they have spotted other friends in the class out and about! This week we have started our new topic, Wild Weather. 

We watched a short clip from a film called ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’, where food rained from the clouds in the sky! This inspired some fantastic writing where we discussed what food we would love to see fall from the sky. We looked at more clouds on Wednesday, and saw lots of clouds that looked like different things such as animals, angels and someone even spotted and elephant! This also led to some of our best writing this year. Well done Oak for trying so hard with your writing, and using your phonics skills. 

On Wednesday we went to church for the Tea at Saint Mary’s gathering with Reverend Leila. She talked to us about the upcoming coronation of King Charles and then we had a go at acting out what would happen. We had great fun and we were very grateful to Reverend Leila and the whole community for welcoming us and looking after us.