Spring term 1

The last week before half term was certainly a creative one in Oak class, with everybody getting hands on and making some brilliant pieces of art and design. At the start of the week we created our very own Supertato’s with Mrs Hardy, who helped us to cut and stick our outfits on to the potato. We continued our topic of Superheroes by reading the story of Super Milly and the Super School Day. The class then went on to tell each other key parts of the story, and sequenced pictures of the story in their writing books! 

Thursday and Friday has seen the conclusion of our grand boat making process and we were glad to finally get the chance to design, build and test our boats. We thought back to our previous learning and discoveries by considering which materials would float and were waterproof. We then carefully designed our boats to meet the three criteria: 

  • It must float.

  • It must be waterproof

  • It must hold a passenger

On Friday we built our boats from junk modelling equipment and then tested them to see if we had managed to design a floating/waterproof vessel! 

Well done Oak class!


W/C 30/1

This week the children have got involved with the blog and have been in charge of what is included. We had a conversation about what events they enjoyed in the week and why we should tell everyone about them. 


On Monday, we were left a suspicious parcel by somebody in a cape and mask. We haven’t been able to work out who left this but we did deduct they must be a superhero. The parcel they left us turned out to be an advert recruiting new superheroes, which had a list of essential qualities. We discussed as a class how we could apply for the job and proceeded to list our amazing qualities which would make us great superheroes. Our writing was carefully sounded and included great detail! I think we will get the job!


On Wednesday, Oak was very excited that Mrs Joy decided to share a new song with us. We sang it all together and most of the class have been humming and whistling it all week. We look forward to learning more next week.


On Friday, we continued to investigate boats, in preparation for our design and build project next week. Mr Holt made a boat out of Play Doh, which sank very quickly, a boat out of lollipop sticks and another from a cardboard box. We observed if they would float, if they were waterproof and if it would hold a lego passenger. We are ready with a list of materials for our project next week, watch out for our Grand Designs!

Week commencing 16th January
This week has been an exciting week in Oak class. Both reception and Year 1's have been working hard with their phonics, and showing amazing progress in their reading groups, so a HUGE well done! In English this week we have been thinking about 'real life superheroes' who help us, such as the RNLI, Police Officers and Firefighters. The children have been telling us all about people they know who they think are superheroes! We used playdoh to make a superhero of our choice.
On Thursday, we were joined by three people who would like to be our new head teacher, and they came to watch our Science lesson. We tested to see which items would float in water and which would sink. We made predictions and explained our predictions, before testing each item to see if we were correct. The headteachers were very impressed with our knowledge and were very complimentary of Oak class!
Well done to a well earned weekend!
Week Commencing 23rd January
Firstly, well done to all the children in Oak class for being so super with our supply teacher Mr Boucher and for welcoming our new class mate Gourishenkar. The children got up to lots whilst Mr Holt was off sick, and they were very keen to show him their hard work when he returned on Thursday. On Monday, the children picked a real life superhero who they wanted to write about. This led to some fab writing about lifeguards, police officers and fire fighters. Everyone acted out the role of their chosen superhero and wrote a sentence to describe their choice!
On Tuesday, the children went to watch the pantomime, Beauty and the Beast, in the school hall. Even though some of us were a little apprehensive, everyone in the class watched with enjoyment and drew some brilliant pictures after. We enjoyed showing Mr Holt what happened through our fab acting skills. 
We welcomed Gourishenkar on Wednesday who has come to join our class. Everyone made him feel very settled and he has made lots of friends already! 
On Friday we looked at different types of boats, including cruise ships, ferries, rowing boats and kayaks. The children all had lots of stories to tell about trips they have taken on different types of boats in their lives. Fab storytelling everyone!