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Autumn Term 2

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December 12th - 16th
Wow! What a fantastic last week before Christmas! On Monday it was Christmas party day where we played party games and enjoyed a party lunch. On Tuesday Father Christmas had left us a letter and a bag of goodies, which we had great fun opening and enjoying (Many thanks to the Parents Association!)
On Wednesday we finished off our snowmen Christmas calendars.
On Thursday we had a visit from Pringle the elf and enjoyed Christmas games in PE such as Christmas Eve obstacle race and decorating the Christmas tree.
Finally, today we finished the term with a carol service in the church and said our goodbyes to the wonderful Mrs Brake.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!
December 5th - 9th
The children in Beech class have had a busy week this week performing in three performances of our Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'. The children did a super job and earned a 'Co-operative' Cracking Caterpillar as a class, because not only did they have to learn their own little dance, but they filled in for others too who were poorly. Well done Beech Class! We are super proud of you!
Today we took part in Christmas Jumper Day. We spent some time learning about the reasons why we have Christmas Jumper day and the work Save the Children does to help children around the world. We managed to tie some maths in to the day by designing Christmas Jumpers with repeating patterns! Beech Class you look fabulous!
November 28th - 2nd December
This term the children in Beech class have been looking at Everyday Materials, and their properties, as part of their Science learning. We finished the block with a fun STEM experiment.  The children were split into small groups and had to build houses for a little pig to protect them from the Big Bad Wolf! Each house went through a 'huff puff' test, using a hairdryer, and a spray test to check they were waterproof. The materials used were LEGO, wooden lolly sticks, paper straws, marshmallows and cardboard. Everybody agreed that LEGO was the best material to use!
Having spent some time in Design and Technology designing and building Tudor Houses, the children spent time learning about how the fire quickly spread through London. We sang the song 'London's burning' as we set fire to our houses using tissue paper. 
November 21st - 25th
In Design & Technology we have been looking at the buildings back then during the Great Fire of London. We learnt about the various features of a Tudor house including beams, a thatched roof,  small glass window panes, wooden beams, jetty and panels made up of wattle & daub. We then used these features to create our very own 2D version of Pudding Lane. 
November 14th-18th
 The children enjoyed dressing up in their own clothes today for Children in Need. Thank you so much for your donations!
November 7th - 11th
The children in Beech class enjoyed a visit from Harold the giraffe this week when the Life Ed Van came to visit St Mary's Charminster. The children learnt all about the body and how we can be healthy and give ourselves energy.  
On Thursday we walked down to the church to join the whole school for our Remembrance Service. We were very proud of the children as they listened, joined in and were respectful throughout. Each class placed their poppy wreath on the war memorial.