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Our Staff

Our Headteacher is Mrs Suzanne Garner.

Our Business Manager is Miss Jane Dixon

Our Admin/Finance Officer is Mrs Bev Hayes

Our classes are :

Willow- Reception – Mrs Charles & Mrs Beale / TA Mrs Simpson

Oak- Reception/Year 1 – Mrs May/TA Mrs Newman and Mrs Arnesen

Beech – Year 1/Year 2 – Mrs Laval/ TA Mrs Middleton and Mrs Harrison

Maple – Year 1/Year 2 – Mrs Brake/ TA Mrs Jerrard

Linden – Year 3/Year 4 – Mrs Joslin/ TA Mrs Kirby

Rowan – Year 3/4 – Mr Galloway / TA Mrs Hardy

Ash – Year 3/4 – Miss Thornicroft / TA’s Mrs Bessant, Mrs Pickersgill

Our Music teacher and French teacher is Mrs Joy

Our lunch staff are:

June Powell, Sue Brett, Bridget May, Joanne Pearce, Katie Wright, Jo Greatorex, Ann Williams, Gemma Legg and Elaine Denham.