DASP Music Lockdown Community Orchestra Project

Dear Parents,


I am inviting all pupils, teachers and parents who play a musical instrument to get involved in the DASP Music Lockdown Community Orchestra Project!

 The plan is to create a virtual performance of Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King with as many people from the DASP community as possible taking part.  This includes students, parents and teachers of all abilities on a variety of different instruments.  I realise this won’t be a suitable piece for everyone to get involved with, but hopefully most instruments can work out a way to fit in somehow (I’m happy for instruments such as guitar and piano to learn the main tune and join in by ear if needs be).  I don’t mind if people ad-lib a bit as long as they keep in time to the guide track!  I also don’t mind if people only record for part of the whole piece.

Basically, if you can play an instrument, then you are invited to get involved – the more the merrier!

 All the information about how to get involved and the resources you will need can be found on our website here:  http://www.daspmusic.co.uk/lockdown-community-orchestra.html

 The deadline for recordings to be submitted is Monday 15th March, so there is plenty of time to have a think and sign up to get involved (it would be useful if people could sign up by Monday 22nd Feb to give us an idea of numbers)!  

 Hopefully, lots of you will have seen some clips of our Christmas concert and we had lots of lovely feedback about this.  Whilst online performances are not ideal, I feel that we all need something to lift our spirits and I thought that a community project would be really fun!  

 Please do get involved!

 Kind regards,

Hanna Trevorrow

Head of DASP Music

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