Bad Weather/Emergency Arrangements

blue-snowflake-iconIt may seem premature but we would like to explain our arrangements in the event of extreme weather. For those children who travel by bus, the company make their own decision as to whether or not to run. If the bus does not arrive in the morning, then it will not pick up in the afternoon either. Parents must use their judgement about making an alternative arrangement for transport. Our school will always be open provided that we have sufficient staff, heating and water. Normal lessons may not take place if several staff cannot get in but the children would be well supervised. However in the event of a difficult or unpredictable scenario we will inform you by texting and email. You can also log in to: http://mapping.dorsetforyou.com/closedservices to find out if the school is closed. Alternatively please telephone the school office from 7.30am or tune into Wessex FM (97.2) for information.


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